About Us

About Life On Target

It was Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Life on Target is a Leadership and Lifestyle website that brings applicable and significant social analyses with the aim of educating our readers and showing them how to carve an opening for themselves in order to live a relevant and meaningful life.

We are established on the premise that every life is part of a grand design and that humanity and the world would be better off if everyone understood this and worked towards understanding and fitting into niches each one is differently designed as well as uniquely enabled by God to occupy.

We believe everyone was created to be a leader, and we believe that as each person finds his place he would have found leadership and his space to deploy the inimitable potential he carries.

What we are good at:

  • Helping you make sense of destiny
  • Helping you come to terms with the potentials and giftings you carry
  • Helping you make sense of the world around you
  • Awakening the giant within
  • Showing you how to rise into greatness
  • Developing the leader within you
  • Developing the leaders around you
  • Helping you maximize your life and living

My name is Ugonna Emechebe and it is my destiny to help you discover and make sense of yours