“Why do we have a capability gap in the social commentary community? The answer is ‘hype’. Everyone claims to know it, but few actually do. Ugonna Emechebe is one of the few who actually do. A Pastor, Political Scientist, Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker etc. Ugonna Emechebe has a good understanding of human nature and has the gravitas to launch an individual from zero to hero. Ugonna’s writings are captivating and devoid of cliches that emanate from copy-and-paste blogging. From the beginning, the reader is transported into ephemeral heights of ecstasy engendered by an immediate connection with an author that understands his subject matter. There is no dull moment when Ugonna speaks or writes. In fact, he is a breath of fresh air in the Nigerian blogosphere. I therefore offer my unalloyed recommendation of his blog to whom it may concern.”

Chukwunonso Okoro, CFE, CAMS, CRISC
Fraud Risk Management| Occupational Fraud| Cybercrimes| Corporate Governance| Compliance| International Conference Speaker

“This is the most coherent and wisest writer I know of today. This man’s ability to grasp the full scope and understanding of anything he writes on, and then the God given ability to articulate it in the most concise and definitive way imaginable for me is just refreshing to say the least.”

Ivory Robinson
New Orleans, Louisiana,
United States

“Insightful and thought provoking. It’s not the usual run off the mill post. Each post gets you thinking and compels you to think intelligently. It’s truthful and really refreshing, funny at times. Definitely something to look forward to each day.”

Oyiks Alfred
Managing Director
N-gap Consulting