There is something about the average human being in his search for success that makes him tend to look anywhere else but where he should look.
When you talk to most people the impression you come out with is they believe their lives would have different and better outcomes if they had more money, more talent, or maybe if they married someone else.
The average person tends to look outwards when it comes to fixing the blame for what is going or has gone wrong in their lives and their paths to what they deem success.

So it would make sense to him if he assumed his circumstances would be different if the volume and nature of his resources were different.
But this cannot be further from the truth. While having more resources might improve the quality of your life it will not necessarily change its outcome because what you do with 10 is what you will do with 1,000- only on a larger scale.
So if you are not doing anything meaningful with the litte you have you won’t do anything with the bigger amounts if they are multiplied.

What you do with what you have is the surest indicator of what you will do if that thing is multiplied.
This is a basic and fundamental truth.

Things like money, fame, position, and praise do not do anything to change an individual. They are only multipliers that amplify what a person is. So a good person who has more money and greater prominence will use his status to do more good, while an evil person who has more money and greater prominence will only broaden the scope of his wickedness.

This is clear enough. An understanding of this will make obvious that it is not what you do not have that is the most important factor in producing success for you.

Success is created by what you have.

One of the most powerful principles I have since come to learn is the POTENTIAL PRINCIPLE.
An understanding of this principle alone has secured 25% of success in anything and everything for anyone who has it.

Think about how God operates.
In creating the earth He put the original pattern for everything on earth into a seed. He created only one set of trees, only one set of animals, and only one pair of humans.
He has never gone back to create another set of orange trees since He finished with the original set. He has never gone back to create more elephants and lions after He finished with the original set.
He has never gone back to the soil to create another set of human beings since after He finished with Adam and Eve.
He created one set of everything.

Everything else was coded into seeds.

So God created trees and put fruits in them, and then put seeds in the fruits He put on the trees, and so inside a tree is a fruit, and inside a fruit is a seed, and inside a seed is a tree which has more fruits in it with more seeds that have more trees with other fruits in them that have more seeds that are trees with much more fruits and even more seeds….I think you get the point now.

So when you have a seed in your hand to the uninformed you hold an ordinary seed, but to those who understand you do not just hold a seed, what you have in your hand is a forest.

See how powerful a single seed can be.

In Genesis we are told how Adam and Eve messed everything up, caused a setback to God’s plans, and flung humanity into perfidy.
And when He began to lay out His plan for how He would reclaim what they lost He made it clear it was hinged on ONE thing- the seed.

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between YOUR SEED and HER SEED; he shall bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel.”
(Genesis 3:15)

God did not put His powerful plan of redemption into the hands of a mighty celestial army, He put it into the hands of a seed.

Think about this.

Isn’t it awesome how everything can be compressed into one tiny little seed? So whoever despises his seed has despised his harvest.

Every visionary in human history has always been mindful of this small but powerful fact- what you require to address your need is in your seed.
Think of Abraham, while he was still called Abram he received  a promise from God that He would make Abram “a great nation…and in (him) all families of the earth would be blessed.”
(Genesis 12:2-3).

Nothing could be greater than this. Imagine how powerful the United States of America is today and with the benefit of this knowledge imagine how you would feel if you went back over 244 years and you were given the privilege of being the sole founding father of that nation.

Abram knew God had big plans for him, so what did he ask for to get this to happen?
“What will you give me, seeing I go childless…Look, you have not given me any seed.”
(Genesis 15:2,3)

Man is promised a nation and he is asking for a seed. Is that not mind boggling?
The reason for this is because in a seed Abraham saw the nation he was promised.

This is because every true visionary understands the power of potential.

Everyone of us carry seeds in our hands. These seeds can be business ideas, latent ability and talent, certain types of education and knowledge that can be applied to produce lasting results, relationships with people who can open certain doors, or are those doors themselves.
There are so many different types of seeds in our hands, and our hands do not necessarily mean our physical limbs.
Our hands can mean our minds, lives, businesses, homes and every other thing that can hold a seed that can add value to others and to us.

So let me say again what we said earlier in the hope it will sink in very well…
In a seed is a tree, and in a tree is more fruits that have more seeds that have more trees that have more fruits that have more seeds that have more trees.
So when you hold a seed in your palm in the eyes of the uninformed you hold a tiny thing, but in the eyes of a person of understanding you hold a forest.

You hold something that can transform your present circumstances and the situations of all those around you.

Let us end with writing down three major things you would need to do in order to turn this powerful Potential Principle to your advantage.

Your task here is to find out those seeds you have. They could be abilities you have never before identified, or some knowledge you have previously picked up without doing anything with.
If you have passed through any trainings on human resource development that cover this you must have heard about the SWOT analysis.
This is an analytical framework for self-assessment through the analysis of ones Strengths (strongpoints and abilities), Weaknesses (limitations and impediments), Opportunities (the chances to be exploited),
Threats (outward restrictions and obstacles)

This is good but I will add a couple extra important guidelines that will help a little more.
In order to discover what you carry you must take note of how you react under pressure. What comes out of you is the greatest indicator of what you carry; and the real test is what comes out when you are under pressure. You might be unruffled when you are not under constraint, and you might be congenial when you are not under duress; if you have any understanding of Personality Ethics and you are trained to place them before Character Ethics then it would be very easy to put up a good front even when it doesn’t really come from inside.
But pressure will not give you that luxury especially if you are true to yourself.

The thoughts, ideas, and inspiration you have as well as the abilities or inclinations you exhibit when you are under pressure show who the real person is on the inside.
Secondly, you will need to take note of those thoughts, ideas, and inspiration you have, as well as those abilities or inclinations you display when you pray, meditate and engage in spiritual activities.
You will need to take note of both the positives and the negatives.

Once you have identified the positives out of them you would need to begin to develop them and harness what you have seen.
You need to begin to identify those trainings, both formal and informal, that would help you hone your talents and skills and begin to pursue them.
You would need to identify those relationships that can help you develop your raw material to finished products and then begin to invest in them.
Remember it is the quality of your preparation that will determine the quality of your performance.

(3) DEPLOY:-
I cannot overemphasise this. TAKE A STEP.
Regardless of where you are in your discovery and your deployment just make a move. What you leave for later will not eventually get done.
Remember that in a sense you will never have anything like “tomorrow” because what you call tomorrow will become your today in a very short time. Today is the Tomorrow you said Yesterday.
So what you do not start today you will never really start doing again because once you get to your tomorrow it becomes your today.

Nothing will multiply until you begin to use it.

So, I will end by asking this again- what do you have in your hand (house/mind/life)?


  1. Indeed God really do daily loads us with benefits. Such a benefit early this morning. Thank you sir for this resources, I sincerely appreciate.

  2. Very insightful and instructive. It’s the principle of David and his sling, Moses and his rod, and the 5 loaves and two fish that fed the multitude. May God add me wisdom to our understanding.

  3. Good morning Sir.
    Thank you Sir for this article.
    It’s like bringing to life what’s there but somehow seems not to be prioritized.
    And now, I know what I should do.

  4. Good morning sir
    Thanks a lot for this but sir the problem I have is the discovery part I hear a lot of times people say discover this and that in your life and that word most times leave me frustrated because I don’t even know what to discover or even how to go about it,am told God Can’t create a man without purpose but most times I feel there is nothing to discover about my life 🥺🥺

    • Thank you for your comment Glory. The fact of the matter is there is no single human being God has created that was made without gifts. Everyone is a letter written to his/her generation, the question is whether that letter will ever be opened for the contents to be read.
      There are many things to discover about you and your life. You are a blessing even if you do not know it yet.

      Let us ask a couple of questions.

      (1) What do you do effortlessly? There are things you do easily and take for granted because you think everyone can do them. But it’s not true that everyone can. So what are those things?

      (2) What will you do if you had all the money in the world and you knew you could solve any problem? What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

      (3) What job would you do if you would not be paid for it? If you are asked to pick one job and do it without any salary or remuneration what job would that be?
      If you note what you would do even if nobody showed gratitude for it then you have seen what you were created to do.

      That thing will create fulfillment for and in you before it creates in others.

      What is that thing for you?

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